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Meet Joy Dev. He is a TCBA Certified Tarot Card Reader, Certified NLP Practitioner, QTC Coach, Hypnotherapist and Numerology Analyst practicing for the past many years. An Engineer by training and a HR professional by choice let him accompany you to the mystic world of Tarot. A 79-card Tarot deck, which taps into your inner self and brings out the awareness and insight that we need to solve our problems and queries.

Having been to see various tarot readers as a teenager, He became not only fascinated with the readings but eventually wanted to know how they were read and how to read his own cards as well. He was fortunate enough to meet a reader who worked in a manner, which was clear and easy for a novice to understand. It was this lady, who passed on the knowledge.

These teaching methods stood him in good stead, He is since been reading, and teaching the tarot cards on a professional base for many years now and have a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to interpret this ancient art. It is this clear and simple way of interpreting the cards, which he is humbly now offering to you as a Tarot teacher in his Tarot Card Classes.

With time, the cards can help you with life and all the trials and tribulations that come with it. Use them to inspire, guide and confirm some of your most intuitive thoughts. With Tarot you can fulfill your creative potential and realize your true nature with the help of the cards.

He is the founder of Celestial Corner which specializes in Metaphysical studies in Delhi (India).He is also the member of The Tarot Guild. His dream is to create a space where he wants to offer services to help people along their spiritual paths & to make them realize the beauty and wisdom of their Soul.

To make Tarot accessible to every person who wants to know and learn Tarot he has provided versatile courses in his Tarot Workshops.

He is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader. He is also providing guidance and consultation through various other divination methods like Numerology, Hypnotherapy. When Joy Dev does a personal reading for someone he is always sensitive about the importance of the love in its purity. Before doing any reading or teaching he always spends some time meditating to prepare himself for a deeper connection with the Divine. This helps him see the underlying messages clearly and to share them with you.

Joy Dev has attracted clients from all over the world. Through Light, Love and connecting to the Divine, your limitations are just nonexistent.

Joy Dev also teaches Numerology, psychic development and meditation courses along with his private practice as a clairvoyant, hypnotherapist, counselor and life coach. An ever learning student himself, JoyDev’s aim in teaching these courses is to demystify the psychic sciences.

Few Words from Joy Dev

Hi I am Joy Dev, founder of celestial Corner. I started my Journey into the world of healing when I was just about 14 year old learning Reiki.

I have been consistently increasing my skill sets to help and heal more and more people. Started my journey from being an Electronics Engineer understanding how machines work. Then did my Masters in Human Resource to understand Humans and now with Tarot, Hypnotherapy, NLP,QTC and Numerology I have understood how our life is nothing but a collection of events which take us on our "Life Path".

Hope you love and understand the beauty of the journey as we “you and me" tread this beautiful path.

Regards & Blessings

Joy Dev


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