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Founded in 2004, Celestial Corner followed its motto "The Healing Touch" . The principle followed here is the ZEN in dealing with various issues. The ZEN philosophy says "Not only I am not afraid but also I am not afraid to be afraid". This comes from a mind which not only thinks "linearly" but also is capable of thinking "laterally". A 360º thinking-without any preconceived notions or blocks ; open, flexible and always change-ready.

Celestial Corner is a place to get an ongoing education in Metaphysical be it tarot or numerology beyond the weekend workshop or books,it's an institute which trains students and enthusiasts alike in the mystical world of Tarot. Various courses related to Tarot, Numerology and Hypnosis are conducted here to suit the students requirements. The aim of the institute is to spread the knowledge of holistic Tarot around and enable the students to earn 'Happy Money'.

Every client is first asked to tell his/her ‘presenting Issue’ & then is given time to revisit it from a ‘third person’ approach. This helps them see their issue in better light which makes the solution of the issue so very easy and empowering. The client after the session feels so happy knowing that he/she has caused that ‘SHIFT’ inside.

It offers a number of services in Tarot, Numerology, Hypnosis, Crystal Healing & Feng Shui to help you grow along your Spiritual Path. Also visiting the Product Shop ‘POTLI’ helps us to get the additional help of Crystals and Feng Shui which accelerates our journey towards the desired goal.

Celestial Corner also offers a great opportunity for people from all walks of life to experience for themselves the Magic of Tarot by being a part of this Divine Journey in the form of various courses which are run time to time. When they finish this course they have a better understanding and appreciation of their own self as Tarot is said to be ‘The Mirror of Soul’.

We offer private tarot readings, tarot parties, workshops and courses in the Delhi/NCR area.


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Tarot can help you find the answers you're searching for!! A wonderful source for personal development and spiritual awakening.