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Stop Expecting and Start Accepting

How to Stop Expecting and Start Accepting


Life is full of experiences and trials that you never saw coming. Sometimes what we expect and what happens are 2 very different things. Expectations are nice to have , Acceptance is Nicer to Get.

By changing certain expectations in your life, you are opening yourself up to new experiences, new ways of thinking and even a greater sense of accomplishment.

1)   Stop Expecting Perfection:

This mindset is a sure shot recipe for disappointment. People can't will never live up to your expectations because even you fail yourself so many times.

2) Expecting the Worst from People:

When you expect someone to fail, you’re not giving them the chance to succeed. Encourage those around you. Help them &  teach them. its for your won good.

3) Expecting People to Pay for You:

Your spending is your responsibility. Don't expect people to pay for your movies , parties or even outings Just because all your friends go out to lunch doesn't mean you have to. There are differences between needs and wants—if you want something, save up for it; don’t expect anyone else  to pitch in and get it for you.

4) Expecting Things to Go Wrong:

No matter how long has been your streak of bad luck still everything cannot go wrong . Learn to stay positive. You get what you seek. If your whole focus is on situations never turning out how you want them to, they never will.

5) Expecting Fairness from Life:

Life isn't always fair. Sometimes you gain some and sometimes you loose,  sometimes your hard work isn't rewarded . Well that’s just how .Life afterall is not a balanced balance sheet.

6) Expecting Things to be Easy:

If you always have done simple things, you surely haven't done  any great thing . Life is hard. Trials will come your way that you don’t feel prepared for. But know that you can stay strong and do hard things. Anything worth needs payments be it hard work, diligence or self-discipline. ..

7) Stop Expecting Something for Nothing:

If you don’t put any effort into accomplishing something you want, you’re not going to get the results you desire. If you wanna reduce weight, changes your eating habits and exercising.  If you want something, then work your hardest to achieve it.

8) Expecting People to Change:

People are habitual. We like things to be constant. It’s comfortable. We can change, but it takes time and needs to be starting with yourself. We don’t have the power to change anyone other than our self, and once understand that, life becomes a lot happier.

9) Expecting People to Stop Everything for You:

You’re not the only one who has bad days. When life gets messy ,friends and family members are someone you can count upon, but don’t abuse these relationships. Learn to take care of yourself. Being independent is healthy but putting your friends and family members in a position that causes them to miss out on important events in their lives just because they are helping you.

Having expectations is about finding balance in life. and Acceptance is knowing when you’re asking too much and when you can ask for more.

It's hard but its worth it because that makes our own life happier and healthier.


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