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Learn Vastu In Noida

Basic Vastu for beginners (Level-I) :- The purpose of this course is to  help you get initiated your journey into the wonderful world of Vastu . You can use the knowledge obtained in this level to check and rectify various defects in your own house.

It also would help you to appreciate the finer points and beauty of the Science called Vastu.

Duration: One Month (2 Classes per Week)

No of Classes: 8

Duration of each Class: 2 hrs

Investment : Rs 5200 (Including Study Material)

Location: Noida

Topics Covered

Introduction of Vastu: Basics of Vastu and its Directions:

  • What is Vastu Shastra?                                                                                    (1) Directions and Corner
  • How does it work?                                                                                          (2) Various Entries
  • History of Vastu                                                                                              (3) Levels and Weights
  • Laws of Nature                                                                                               (4) Open Spaces and Balconies
  • Various energies and forces                                                                              (5) Dry and wet zones
  • Fundamentals of Healthy house                                                                        (6) Various shapes of Plots
  • Five elements theory                                                                                       (7) Selection of land and Soil and test
  • Theoretical approach to Vastu                                                                           (8) Angels, inclinations and extensions
  • Gods association with directions                                                                          (9) Locations and surroundings
  • Mystique qualities of Vastu Shastra                                                                     (10) Use of Magnetic Compass

Understanding Residential Placements: Practical Vastu:

  • Recommended placements in the plots and buildings                                           (1) Puja Room, Bed Room, Kitchen, Children Room
  • Not recommended placements in the plots and buildings                                      (2)  Study Room, Living Room

Corrective measures and techniques: Role of Colors Plants and Trees:

  • Effects of Good and Bad Vastu                                                                             (1) Scientific approach to colors
  • De-cluttering and its importance                                                                             (2) Auspicious plants and Trees
  • Major and minor Vastu defects
  • Corrective Measures


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