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School of Tarot & Allied Studies

Welcome to School of Tarot & Allied Studies. (STAS)

Discover Tarot, Discover Yourself !

The School of Tarot & Allied Studies is an integral part of a Celestial Corner in which we are not only teaching Tarot to the students but also helping them to discover their selves.

More than the skills you'll acquire, more than the mysteries of a great tradition that you'll learn, the study of tarot is really a study of yourself the way you see and interact with the world and the people you meet.

The uniqueness of the school is to combines the ancient wisdom of tarot and the modern day techniques of Coaching giving a clear view of what energies are influencing you and your life right now, and what you can do to change or improve your reality. You will leave inspired, encouraged and with a plan of action for your prosperous practice and enhanced life.

Tarot is the way through which you can see into your future, through which you can deeply interact with yourself, feelings, thoughts, dreams and aspirations.

The more you know about yourself about Tarot the more powerful reader you become. And more help you can be to others.

At School of Tarot & Allied Studies Sckool you will not only be learning Tarot but also know how to conduct yourself in a Professional manner, when conducting a real Tarot Counselling Session.

What you get at The STAS:-

You’ll learn more in days than in Tarot courses that last weeks or months.

Your reading skills will improve dramatically —right before your eyes.

A lot of ‘Self-Healing’ which is so vital especially in you seek to Heal others.

To enhance the process of learning, students have the choice of one-to-one classes.

Welcome to the World of Tarot, a journey which should take you beyond the realms of Want to the knowledge of Need.

Help yourself to help others by learning how to read Tarot Cards in the Tarot Classes and Tarot Workshops held in Noida, Delhi & Goa conducted by Tarot Teachers.


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