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  1. 1On 5 June 2011, Vinay said:

    Client Appreciation Party, June 1st 2011
    "The evening was a big success! Our clients all raved about the readings. Thank you very much for providing such an entertaining and educational experience! The one on one nature of your work really gave everybody a personal feel for the evening. It was terrific! Thanks again."

  2. 2On 31 May 2011, Himalyn Singh said:

    Dear Sir,
    It was so warming and reassuring discussing with you; everything you said was coming from your heart...and it simply overlapped on my own heart; you touched my soul with your vivid vision of my \"lower\" and \"higher\" self, and you had so much love and patience - especially in the long hours of the night. You offered me not only insight, but comfort as well, and I thank you deeply for that. I could have stayed there and talk to you for hours....Thank you again for your deep concern and for the long hours. I will stay in touch with you, and will let you know of MY OWN development and of the evolution of the situation: a teacher has to know what his pupil is becoming; Isn\'t it!? And please, DO keep me in mind for that group and others in which you think I could fit. All my love to you

  3. 3On 30 May 2011, La Roux said:

    Hi Joy,
    It was very nice to meet you! I had a good feeling about you before I met you. I really liked the depth with which you explained my chart and the elements that pertain to it. I believe the insights that you gave me will definitely help to guide me on my journey. I look forward to the next year....and hopefully will be able to bring my dreams to life.

  4. 4On 30 May 2011, Barbara Shayid said:

    Hi Joydev
    I was planning on emailing you for some time now. I just wanted to tell you that your reading could not have come at a better time. I had to take some time over the weekend to think about the things you surprise I'm sure, considering my sign. I tried to consider everything you said objectively and see how it would work for me.
    With out a doubt your reading helped me to completely push myself out of stagnation. I have been trying for the last few months to get back on track and your reading just confirmed to me that I am where I'm suppose to be right now and I am moving in the right direction. In saying that, I have decided to move right through into more schooling (the ESL course to teach english) starting in May and I will be finished in July. I figured I may as well get it all out of the way now so I can concentrate on my career before the end of the summer.
    As for clearing things off my plate, I have successfully gotten rid of 'the guy', I have paid off two debts and a third will be paid in about two weeks. Plus, my university studies will be done this week.
    Also, I have made some inquiries into NLP. I cannot afford to do any certification in NLP right now, so I have looked into having a few one-on-one sessions for myself to help me develop a clear plan for the future and gain better focus.
    I don't want to put any more on my plate than I have to, so I think these few steps will help me move forward successfully for the moment. After the summer, I will assess where I am and figure out if I need to change or alter my plans.
    I just want to say thank you for the positive reading, not only was it interesting, but it was very motivating. Thank you again Joy, and I will definitely keep you updated.
    Talk to you soon!
    Barbara Shayid. Toronto

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