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Welcome to Celestial Corner

You are here for a reason ! Whatever that reason is, we celebrate it and welcome you to CELESTAL CORNER.
We hope you find our site informative, helpful and fun. We assist & help you on your journey towards Tarot Learning, Self-Mastery, Self-Empowerment and living life to its fullest!


About Celestial Corner


When people ask us, our answer’s always the same: . Not Nuclear Physics, right? Started in 2004, our founders put together a group of pro folks who genuinely wanted to work for the client (that’s you!) first. If you’re new to us, check out why we’re the best in the business.


What Our Clients Say

We're proud to have helped our students advance careers, acquire new skills and strengthen their clients' base and earing oppurtunities . Also Clients have felt Life Changing empowerment in the feild of Relationships. Finance and overall growth

Hello Joy Dev,

I am not sure if you remember me, but I remember you very well, mainly because you brought an emotional shift & positivity in my life. I visited you back in 2008 in a depressed & confused state with many unanswered questions in my pocket. I remember leaving your office feeling optimistic about life. We had a good 1-hour session, and it felt I can talk to you about anything. My fears, hopes & dreams, all emotions gushed out. And, I remember one day (around a month after our session), I was under a dilemma due to a personal problem, and I decided to drop you an email. You were very kind to reply to it. I will always remember you. Thank you for being such a good listener & mentor.


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