A person who approaches a  healer or a healing center would not be the best state of mind. Some issue in either personal or professional life must be bothering the person. So the general trend to make the anxious person more anxious, stressed person more insecure is quite common with money minting Healers and Holistic Centers .

At Celestial Corner, we have just the opposite approach. We are always focused on making the client ‘VIEW’ the problem from a neutral perspective, where he/she is not a part of the problem but rather is a witness to the problem. This allows long lasting and working resolution of the issues.



Only few of us are aware of the Four elements of the Healing cycle :

Thoughts <--> Emotions <--> Energy <--> Physical

So problem can arise from any one of the four region and invariably spread itself in the remaining areas backwards or forwards . So a negative thought affects our physical well being and also a negative energy in our house or surroundings makes our thoughts negative ultimately making our mind, body and soul affected .

We at Celestial Corner approach any presenting issue from all the four dimensions to give to our clients a holistic healing which gives resolution at a very deep level rather than staying at a surface level and then relapsing in a different form or place.


The driving philosophy stays the same which was our starting force; Empowerment for Self Love. Love for self brings out self empowerment which allows us to get answers within rather than searching for it outside