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Distance Healing


This is a 60 minute Chakra Balancing & Healing Session

This is a balancing & healing session all in one. The session as a whole takes approximately 60 minutes. Below you can see an outline of how it’s. Since this is a distance healing, you can be anywhere in the world and doing anything — you will still receive the healing energy.

What you need to do: You’re name and a photo of you. The photo is completely optional but it helps connect more with you and it also helps to visualize your chakras easier. As for your name, we just need your first and last name which we write on a piece of paper and then it’s placed under a conduit for sending energy. This is a Rose Quartz Heart. We also need you to type the following sentence in the special note while purchasing this session

“I give permission to the Healer to check and heal (if Required) all my Chakras”


What you need to do during the session: Absolutely Nothing. If you would like, however you can sit back and relax or meditate, but this is not necessary. The healing will reach you no matter what you are doing.

What we do during the session: We follow the following steps

1) The Healer starts by grounding and centring himself into a meditative state. This raises the energies so that there can be a better energy channel for you.

2) At that point checking your chakras starts to see if I find any imbalances or blockages. From this point, cleansing and balancing of each and every chakra (if you have the full balancing session) with the energy of crystals and Reiki.

3) Positive affirmations specifically for each chakra that is used during the cleansing process is sent to you so that you can work on them for at least 21 days with the crystals sent to you for the same purpose.

The reading/write-up: When your healing session is done you will be email you and let you know what we picked up on. This will include telling you each chakra whether it was balanced, imbalanced, closed, or blocked. We will let you know if there was any specific colouring/patches in your chakras. We also will include a photo to show you all of the crystals that were used in your healing session. Positive affirmation along with Healing crystals will be sent to you.

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