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Vastu Tips for Prosperity

The concept of Vastu yields impeccable results in the form of peace, prosperity and peace because this inquisitive science is based on five elements and eight cosmic directions responsible for life. Vastu follows some set of principle in order fetch peace and prosperity and positivity. The principles and norms of Vastu are all same for kind of construction such as commercial, residential and industrial and revolve around five governing elements or Panchbhootas and ruling directions. Today many houses are observed as discontent and far away from happiness and prosperity which is an obvious cause of Vastu defect. Wrong placement of rooms, bed and even small item like broken glass can hamper peace and prosperity. Therefore, it is essential to check your place for direction, placement and construction in corresponding to Vastu because any Vastu defect can obstruct your good prospects of prosperity. To yield good results and prosperity, follow Vastu tips: To attain prosperity in house it is advisable to determine your entrance or front door direction that has to be according to Vastu because all positive energy arrives from here. Ideal direction for entrance is East or North and ensure than front entrance or door is not obstructed by irrelevant thing such as pole, wire, vehicle or pit. Under-water tank is ideally constructed in North-east direction and avoid any under water tank or septic tank in other corners or directions. Over-head tank should be made in South-west direction in order to balance the energies surrounding the house and to ward off stress. Master bedroom is advisable in South-west direction. Kitchen should ideally be constructed in South-East

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