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Grading of Vastu Plots

Vastu segment plots into different types of grades to represent Excellent, Good, Average and Bad plot. Grading of plots is often done after scanning through barren or open plots.There are four grades in a Vastu plot according to which every site is addressed:

Grade I Plot: Excellent

‘A’ grade plot is also called excellent plot which conforms entirely with Vastu norms while minor Vastu defect or dosh is negligible. Excellent plot is said to have everything on its place and in right direction.These plots are always considered prime plots. People are always considered lucky to own such plots. The way to judge is by observing roads on all four sides of the plot. It will also be great if the plots are in a square or rectangular shape. They must also have a slope towards the eastern and northern sides. These plots could always have hills, tall buildings on the western and southern sides. These plots are often called as Bramha Stavam. Lands on all four sides will bring in lots of positivity. Plots that have road on the east and northern directions which could possibly extend to the north-eastern directions are called first grade plots. The roads, ponds or lakes on the Northern or Eastern side could also be very auspicious.

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