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Numerology FAQs

Numerology FAQ's

Q. 1 - What kind of answers can Numerology give me?

Ans. - If you're feeling that life is rushing in on you and you're being pulled a million different directions at once, numerology can provide a clearer understanding of your life's path. You'll discover or have confirmed inner talents and abilities you possess that will give you the tools and confidence you need to navigate the turbulent waters of today's society. Knowledge through numerology will endow you with self-assurance, allowing you to better adjust to all kinds of relationships be they personal, family, business, or spiritual. Through confirmation of your strengths and weaknesses, you can confidently base the life-altering decisions you make daily not only on your inner power, but more importantly on your true heart's desires.

Your Personal Numerology reading points the best way for you to be helpful for those you love. It will bring you peace with yourself and a deeper understanding for others. You'll be able to predict your cycles of growth and follow your true life's path. Plan your future more successfully and accomplish your goals and dreams with less effort as you use your suddenly revealed talents, aptitudes and skills - gifts you may not have even be aware you possessed. Learn to live with passion as you discover deep down, what's most important to you in life - and the way to get it - easily, ethically, and enthusiastically.

Q. 2 - What influence did Pythagoras have on Numerology?

Ans. - Pythagoras arguably made the greatest individual contribution to the development of numerology in the West. After many years of research, he established his School of Mysteries, where the study of numbers, astronomy (which then included astrology) and geometry (including sacred geometry) were at the heart of the curriculum. Because his approach was eclectic, the Pythagorean legacy embraces wisdom from a spectrum of sources that were presented in a way that would appeal to the emergent scientific mind. Almost every contemporary western treatment of Numerology owes something to Pythagoras.

Q. 3 - Can numerology determine the year a person is expected to die?

Ans. Starting with a affirmative NO, I have Numerology for many years and I have to say that our death is a mysterious matter that is just between us and our Creator. There may be many synchronistic phenomenon numerologically or astrologically that have been in effect for some who have died - but those same elements could be 'in influence' preceding the birth of a child or quitting your job! I don't believe we can - or should - know that information. I guess my point is, anyone who claims to know something about us - and that information frightens us or makes us feel anxious (even excited) - they are creating a sort of energy dependence out of our fear or excitement. Whether they know it or not, they are feeding on our life energy and many are manipulated this way. So something as personal and ultimate as our passing is not something I would give my 'power' to another to find out about. Number one, I truly don't believe another can know our 'result'. We can tell you the 'influences' and the 'flavors' of your life periods, but two different people would experience different results *all creating the same psychological effect*. One person may leave their body behind, another may leave their old life behind - both are going through transformation and endings, but with different results.

Q. 4 - Is Number 8 a Tragedy Number?

Ans. - A: In numerology, 8 means "harvest" and "reward", "abundance", strength and intensification It is the number of bearing the fruit of your labors, abundance, multiplication of power.... nothing inherently "bad" unless all efforts previous to the 8 were destructive, then the 8 would bear the fruits of destruction. On a different plane it may have just attracted a lot of business men and women or wealthy, influential people. I try to encourage people to go by their "gut" in all instances. Pay attention to numbers so you know the potential, but always verify everything inside of you. If I were looking for an address to have a successful business or a successful home-business, I'd find an 8 address right away! Or if I were naming a racehorse, I'd make sure it figured out to an 8 Expression, ensuring physical strength and lots of money. In other words, 8 is nothing to be automatically feared or avoided, only respected - it's not a "tragedy number."

Q. 5 - Why understanding your 'symphony of vibrations' can save you years of unnecessary pain and guilt?

Ans. - The first step to attracting and recognizing the True Love of your life is to first "Know Thyself", as inscribed on the Sun god Apollo's Oracle of Delphi temple in ancient Greece. Knowing your Self means that you know who you genuinely are - inside, at the heart and soul level, and you know what you need and where you are going. You know what you are meant to do with this life. Numerology, when accurately understood, is one tool that offers an almost "illegal entry" into the deeper recesses of a person's psyche and it is so accurate because all things are essentially "vibration" or energy wave patterns and the root of all manifestation is at the quantum level, mathematical.. Numbers and letter-sounds that resonate to specific numerical 'qualities'. With practice, some can become so tapped in, so intuitively open and clear that they can easily feel what is 'right' for them and what is absolutely not. For others the edges can blur and the natural ability to detect what is 'good' for us can be distracted by other elements of our psychology that we are working to heal and evolve. Even the foods, the water and the air we consume and the electrical interferences all around us can blur our intuitive perceptions to the point that we can sometimes feel like a pinball being randomly bounced from bell to whistle.

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