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Tarot Classes

Welcome to The Tarot Academy  :  Discover Tarot, Discover Yourself!

The Tarot Academy is a part of a Celestial Corner in which we are not only teaching Tarot to the students but also helping them to discover their selves.

The uniqueness of the school is to combines the ancient wisdom of tarot and the modern day techniques of Coaching giving a clear view of what energies are influencing you and your life right now, and what you can do to change or improve your reality. You will leave inspired, encouraged and with a plan of action for your prosperous practice and enhanced life.

The more you know about yourself through Tarot the more powerful reader you become. And more help you can be to others.

At The Tarot Academy you will not only be learning Tarot but also know how to conduct yourself in a Professional manner, when conducting a real Tarot Counseling Session.

Basic Tarot Course

Tarot Professional Course

Tarot and Numerology Sandwich Course

Tarot Master Practitioner Certificate

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