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Joy Dev

Joy Dev, the founder of Celestial Corner, started his journey into the world of healing at the age of 14 year old learning Reiki.
As a spiritual seeker he has always been intrigued by the people who live their lives from the inside out. People who do not get pulled into an aimless life of always reaching for more, but instead create an authentic life in alignment with their true gifts, skills and talents.
In his 20’s after graduating with a degree in Humanities, he become a partner in a non-profit business that promoted and developed social entrepreneurship in India. What he discovered was that everyone, regardless of their level of education or resources, has the perfect gift to give the world, and if each of us is empowered up to give our unique gift, the world would be in harmony.
Since he had this natural gift of Clairvoyance from his childhood, things from the esoteric world always fascinated him from the very beginning. After doing his studies in Tarot, he ventured into the world of Crystals, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy and Vastu and found an amazing similarity in all of the healing modalities.
All talked and worked on Balance and the philosophy of Self-Empowerment.
he has been consistently increasing his skill sets to help and heal more and more people. He started his journey from being an Electronics Engineer understanding how machines work. Then did his Masters in Human Resource to understand Humans and now with Tarot, Hypnotherapy, NLP,QTC and Numerology, he has understood how our life is nothing but a collection of events which take us on our "Life Path".
He has invented his unique Healing Modality “Energy Time Healing – (ETH), a simplistic yet immensely powerful combination of energy balance, Time Line Therapy and deep relaxation technique.He sincerely hopes that everyone would find their interaction with him, interesting and enlightening.

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