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You are here for a reason ! Whatever that reason is, we celebrate it and welcome you to CELESTIAL CORNER.

We hope you find our site informative, helpful and fun. We assist & help you on your journey towards Self-Mastery, Self Empowerment and living life to it's fullest !

We follow the ZEN in dealing with various issues. creating  a 360º thinking-without any preconceived notions or blocks; open,flexible and always change-ready.

We offer a number of services to help you grow along your Spiritual Path including Tarot Reading and Tarot Classes in Noida, Delhi & Goa.

A beautifully designed and well stocked E-Shop where you find a huge variety of Crystals, Fengshui & Vastu items to choose from along with with the convenience of being able to PAY ONLINE.

Disease or Discomfort can come from one of the four areas:- Thoughts, Emotion, Energy or The Physical Body, though its the Body where issue normally shows up.

Whatever be the starting cause, the problem has to be healed till its root level to get a long lasting solution. Using Tarot, Numerology,NLP and Hypnosis the ‘Root’ of the issue is reached for getting a lasting solution. Remember Treatment is from "Outside" while Healing is from "Within".

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Now! In Your City: - Delhi. Want To Learn Tarot! You Are At The Right Place. We Offer A Wide Range Of Tarot Courses. Classes Counducted by Joy Dev more...

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Tarot can help you find the answers you're searching for!! A wonderful source for personal development and spiritual awakening.